Our Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

 Merit - normalize- aliasing - blackening - menevişleş - to -nitration - stress relieving blasting ,
Karbürüz cementation of gas in salt cementation ,

Degussa - hot work tool steel, cold work in quarries ( cut - molding -aluminum - palastic injection molds and injection molds molds scalings ) heat treatment is done,

Copper -brass heat treatment , tempering , mar tempering , tempering os , be embroidered thermal aging is done with care ,

Induction heat treatment ,

Our company has a diameter of 10 mm to 3000 mm length from 350mm up to 3000mm induction heat treatment of all kinds operate ,

Clean and bright faces,

Along with better dimensional control with a microscope in a more scientific and material microstructure and crack control continuously maintained,

Our company serves 24-hour shift in the control of engineers ,

All made ​​with materials suitable for heat treatment are given a certificate of conformity ,

Product and service quality is our main principle to perpetuate

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